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Red Rose Coffin Display - £300.00

Flower Arrangements

If you’re not sure which flowers to choose, our trusted local florist can do this for you. Working within your budget, our florist will choose the blooms to make sure you have a beautiful arrangement for the funeral.

Price - £250.00

Coffin Display in Pinks and Lilacs

Price - £270.00

Yellow Rose Display

Price - £180.00

Pink Rose Coffin Display

Price - £160.00

White Coffin Display

From £120.00

Small Flower Arrangements

Small flower arrangements are a good accompaniment to a larger arrangement, but work just as well as a standalone feature. We also offer small arrangements for those looking to gift a floral tribute to a cherished one's funeral that you are not organising.

From £200.00

Large Flower Arrangements

Large arrangements provide a beautiful focal point which can dress the coffin elegantly. They can include your loved one's favourite flowers and colours. There are no limits to the options available, allowing you to capture the essence of a great life.

Personal touch - £60.00 per letter

Letter Arrangements

Often, the family may choose to represent their cherished one with a worded arrangement. These are made bespoke, and may be a name, nickname, title, or something more personal. Your Funeral Director will be able to provide guidance on the options.

Price - £50.00 per foot

Blocked Cross

Price - £150.00

Red & White Blocked Heart

£60.00 Per Letter

Personal Tribute Wording

When arranging a funeral, worded arrangements often provide a more intimate, personal touch, to otherwise more formal proceedings. Your Funeral Director will work with you to ensure that the arrangement meets with your exact design requirements for your tribute.

From £200.00

Arrangements for Family

Often, nothing can capture those close to us better than who they were, like ‘mum’ or ‘grandad’. Your Funeral Director will guide you through the extensive options for relative names, and help you to select the style, colour and flowers included.

Autumn Colours - £160.00

Wreath Flower Arrangements

Wreaths are a beautiful way to dress the coffin or funeral car, they elegantly support a larger coffin top arrangement. As with all our flowers, your Funeral Director will guide you through making the right choices, and our florist will ensure your arrangement is full and fresh.

Price - £120.00

White Lily Display

From £120.00

Small Wreaths

A touching tribute in the form of a small wreath arrangement can mean a lot. Our trusted florist will ensure the wreath is full and fresh for the ceremony. Often, wreaths are a sentimental gift given by others towards the funeral. Carriages can arrange this for you.

From £200.00

Large Wreaths

Larger wreaths can accompany a large coffin top arrangement or can be a substitute for this combined with small wreaths. Our large wreaths can be made with specific flowers or colours to capture the recently passed.