The one thing that a funeral director cannot do, is to register the death.

There are legal requirements governing this and it is usually a close family member who will perform this duty.

In certain circumstances, the Coroner may become involved, and an investigation will take place to confirm the cause of death. This is usually when the Doctor has not seen the deceased during the previous 14 days or where there is uncertainty.

Your Carriage’s Funeral Director clearly understands that the bereaved may need extra support at this time and will be communicating with the Coroner’s office several times each day, will keep you informed of the situation and explain what needs to be done.

The delay caused by the involvment of the Coroner, is usually two or three working days and details of the funeral cannot be confirmed until the Coroner releases the paperwork.
Carriage’s Funeral Director will help and inform you every step of the way.