Your Wellness – Our Priority

During this strange Covid time, to protect you, your family and our team we request:

  • All visits to our chapel of rest are by pre-arranged appointment
  • A maximum of 2 visitors per appointment
  • We will have hand sanitizer available for use on your arrival
  • We advise the wearing of facemasks for visitors while in our building
  • Unfortunately we cannot offer usual hospitality (drinks on your arrival) and also our toilets are not available for visitors
  • Initial arrangement of funerals will be conducted over the telephone (unless your home has a suitable outside area which is would be practical for us to visit)
  • At October 1st 2020 open coffin- if no Covid involvement  coffin can usually be open
  • At October 1st 2020 we can provide limousines but passengers (and driver) must wear facemasks
  • You and your family will be treated with dignity, empathy and in a professional friendly manner