Respectful and Professional Undertakers in Prestwich can Assist You

Undertakers in PrestwichUndertakers in Prestwich are also known as funeral directors. A compassionate and understanding person, he or she will assist you in planning a respectful funeral for your loved one. At Carriages Funeral Service, we understand the challenge that you face when having to plan a funeral for a deceased family member or close friend. The planning of a funeral requires decisions to be made regarding certain aspects of the funeral. At this sad time in one’s life, it can be emotionally overwhelming to plan a funeral without assistance.

If a loved one has passed on and you need assistance with planning his funeral, we are available to guide and support you. In Prestwich, undertakers have many years of experience in helping families plan respectful funerals for their lost loved ones. We are happy to assist you, from the moment you first place the call.  The type of funeral often depends on the wished and requests of the deceased. If the deceased passed away suddenly without any instructions on what he would prefer, we can assist you in preparing a dignified funeral. We also know that cost plays a role in the type of funeral, and regardless of the level of spend, our undertakers will provide the same dedication and care. We also believe in placing you firmly in charge of the funeral, where you take ownership of the funeral. We encourage the family to feel that they are in control of events when discussing the formalities surrounding the funeral.

Undertakers in Prestwich will be by your side, every step of the way. If you need help and guidance to prepare a funeral, contact Carriages Funeral Service. We believe we can provide the support and guidance that you need at this sad time. Whatever aspect of the funeral is appropriate will be arranged with care, compassion, dignity and warmth, reminding you that are working with people who truly care. Let us assist and guide you when you need to plan a funeral for your lost loved one. We also believe in continuity of care, so the person who assisted you plan the funeral will be with you on the day of the service.