Compassionate Assistance with Planning a Funeral in Clifton

Funeral in CliftonA funeral in Clifton can be simple and dignified.  It has become more usual today to choose a low cost and simple funeral rather than a full traditional funeral.  This means that it is not necessary to include the time-honoured traditions. Even having a church service is not necessarily required.  Many families are opting to have a cremation and a small memorial service. A cost-effective option, it is still an honourable way to show the family’s love and honour towards the deceased. Family and friends still get to say goodbye and to remember the loved one with fondness. We are proud to be able to offer an affordable funeral to families who would, in the past, have been burdened with the high cost of the funeral.

When you lose a loved one and are on a tight budget in Clifton, a funeral can be planned with the help of our funeral directors. We provide low cost funerals that are as dignified and memorable as the traditional, larger funeral. One way to lessen the costs of a funeral is to consider a cremation instead of a burial.  This saves on a lot of the costs like burial plots and solid coffins. There are still ways of keeping to a budget if, for religious reasons, you need a burial. It may be less expensive to use a cemetery instead of a churchyard and veneered coffins are beautiful and tasteful but cost a fraction of the price of a solid wood coffin.

A funeral in Clifton can be planned with the help of our compassionate funeral directors. Our experienced staff will work with you on a budget you can feel comfortable with.  Contact Carriages Funeral Service if you need assistance with the planning of a funeral for your lost loved one. We can assist with arranging a low cost funeral that is respectful and dignified. Our funeral directors will be with you, every step of the way. They have many years of experience in arranging funerals and can advise you on the best ways of having an affordable funeral.