Funeral Costs in Leigh

Funeral Costs in LeighIf you are concerned about funeral costs in Leigh, speak to our funeral directors at Carriages Funeral Service. Receiving the news of the passing of a loved one can be devastating and traumatic. We understand that having to plan the funeral of your lost family member can be an emotional time for the family. When the deceased has not left provision for a funeral, the costs thereof can be a huge concern.

When you need to plan a funeral for a lost loved one in Leigh, funeral costs can be discussed with our funeral directors. Understanding that one’s budget plays a big role in the type of funeral you’d like to arrange, we will guide you in preparing a low cost, yet respectful and dignified funeral. Our funeral directors will also advise you against emotional overspend, reminding you that our dedication to each of our families remains the same, regardless of the amount of spend and the type of funeral planned. All the funeral costs will be provided on a written estimate so that you can take your time and read through it to ensure that nothing has been overlooked, and that that you are satisfied with the charges. The family can discuss if the funeral they would like for their loved one meets their budget.

Funeral costs in Leigh are divided in 2 parts. These are the funeral directors charges as well as the disbursements. The charges for the funeral directors will include our professional fees and overhead costs. The professional services are the preparation of the funeral arrangements and arranging all necessary documentation. The fees that we pay to a third party on your behalf are known as the disbursements. To find out more about funeral costs, contact Carriages Funeral Service.  If you find that you will need assistance with funeral costs, our funeral director can provide current information from the D.W.P. where you could apply for financial assistance. Regardless of the type of funeral you would like to arrange for your lost loved one, our funeral directors will assist and guide you every step of the way.