Funeral Plans in Monton

Funeral Plans in MontonIf you have recently suffered a bereavement and need to make funeral plans in Monton, contact Carriages Funeral Service. Regardless of whether the death of your loved one was sudden or expected, it is a shock and will leave you in a troubled state. Our funeral directors understand that this is an emotionally unsettling time and will provide the assistance and care to help you with the funeral plans.

Perhaps the deceased did not leave instructions for his funeral. In Monton, funeral plans will include a discussion of the deceased. If your lost loved one did not belong to a church or preferred not to, we can assist with preparing a non-religious funeral. We will discuss all aspects of the funeral with you, and regardless of the type of funeral, it will be dignified and respectful. A funeral is a significant part of the healing process of the family and friends who are left behind. It offers a chance to reflect on the life lived, and to honour and show your respect for the deceased. Our funeral directors are compassionate and experienced. They also look after the family of the deceased with genuine interest and total commitment. Often times, the type of funeral planned is dependent on the family’s available budget. We know that affordability plays a big role, and with this in mind, our funeral directors will advise against emotional overspend, ensuring the funeral is carefully planned, with relevance and dignity. Our funeral directors provide the same level of support and commitment, regardless of the level of spend.

You can rely on our funeral directors to assist with funeral plans in Monton. Contact Carriages Funeral Service today if you need assistance with planning a funeral for your lost loved one. We can discuss the different aspects of the funeral that you would like included. For beautiful flower tributes, we can refer you to our in-house, professional florists. We can also answer any questions you have and provide meaningful guidance and support when you need it most.