Low Cost Funerals in Eccles

Low Cost Funerals in EcclesWhen you need a practical yet elegant tribute to a loved one, choose low cost funerals in Eccles. With funeral costs spiralling out of control in the UK, many families want to organise an event that conveys love and respect yet doesn’t place a financial burden on them. At Carriages Funeral Service, we understand and empathise with these emotions and ideas. That’s why we have given a lot of thought and consideration to designing and planning our range of services. We take care of our clients and their families with compassion, so that they can focus on the important things and deal with their emotions in the way they want to.

Death and grief are very personal experiences and we would like people to deal with them as a family, without any added stress. In Eccles, low cost funerals address an important issue in society. Gone are the days of elaborate Victorian funerals, with huge outlay of money, large number of guests, elaborate ceremonies, expensive flowers, music and refreshments, or multiple venues. Today, the need is for a more functional and minimalistic event, though the emotions remain the same. In many cases, the deceased may have specified exactly what kind of low cost funeral plan to follow, or may have arranged for a pre-paid service. In general, conventional and traditional types of funerals can be hugely expensive, costing several thousand pounds. People who are terminally ill may have already exhausted a large part of their funds in treatment and therapies, leaving very little behind. Though families would want to give their loved one a fitting farewell, they simply may not have the funds for it.

This is usually a time of grief that leaves people emotionally vulnerable, and we know that people tend to overspend on impulse at such times. That’s why we offer excellent plans for low cost funerals in Eccles, where a simple, dignified and memorable event can be arranged at a fraction of the cost. For more information about our low cost funerals, contact Carriages Funeral Service. Our experienced funeral directors take charge of the entire event and work with you to create exactly the kind of funeral you want.