Bespoke Funerals in Kearsley

Bespoke Funerals in KearsleyWe encourage bespoke funerals in Kearsley at Carriages Funeral Service. After all, the funeral service is for your loved one and who better than your family to choose how it will be done. That’s how you show your love and respect for that individual life. Other extended family relatives, friends and business associates may attend the funeral. While you welcome the respect shown by their presence, the funeral itself is about your close family and how you choose to celebrate a life that was intimately entwined in yours. We want you to know that we are here to take care of the legal paperwork, collect and prepare the remains and make our facility available to you and cemetery transportation if you choose.

As your funeral director we will operate in the background carrying out your instructions. For families in Kearsley, bespoke funerals is not an overwhelming task but is instead a series of personal decisions. We’re here to guide you and answer questions. Because this is an emotional time it’s easy to overspend so tell us your budget and we’ll help you stick to it. We operate within the laws regulating filing of paperwork and disposal of remains. You may choose a simple private funeral followed by interment at a cemetery or cremation. If you feel a traditional funeral suits your family better with flowers, music, religious service and funeral procession to the cemetery, we will make those arrangements and carry them out on your behalf. Your choices may lie anywhere between simple to lavish.

Within the parameters of decency and respect bespoke funerals in Kearsley are carried out with compassion and professionalism.  You make the decisions about caskets, flowers, services, duration of wake and we will follow through. We can even assist you a selection of memorial stones. Contact Carriages Funeral Service as soon as you need us, day or night. Our staff is at your service to guide you as you create a funeral service that expresses your personal beliefs and feelings. This is the first step in the grieving process for you and your family and it’s important to attend to it in a meaningful way. We’re here to help.