Low Cost Funerals in Pendlebury

Low Cost Funerals in PendleburyWith funeral costs spiraling out of reach of the average family in the UK today, low cost funerals in Pendlebury are a practical option. In Britain, regular funeral costs have crossed £5000 and most people struggle to come up with the funds. Elaborate funerals are a sheer waste of money. Many senior citizens make it clear that they would rather that the money be shared among children and grand-children than be wasted on such events. However, the main issue that people face is of arranging a dignified, elegant and appropriate funeral that reflects the love and respect they had for the deceased person. Funerals are also meant to reflect the status and personality of the dead. At Carriages Funeral Service, we completely understand these sentiments. We provide a range of bespoke funerals to match your needs, preferences and budget. Our commitment to you is exactly the same whether you want to arrange a lavish and elaborate event or prefer to keep it low-key and low budget.

When you come to us, we take the time and effort to understand your requirements thoroughly before we make suggestions. In Pendlebury, low cost funerals can be meaningful, memorable and dignified. Cremation is an option that is much less expensive, provided it is in sync with your beliefs and traditions. Cremations in the UK can be arranged for less than £1000 making it an economical and eco-friendly method. Another way to reduce costs is to select the burial plot outside major cities. If you can arrange for the funeral in a rural parish, it can save you quite a tidy sum. You can also reduce costs by ordering a less expensive coffin, keep the ceremony brief, avoid carriages and transportation, expensive flowers, music and chapel-viewing.

Low cost funerals in Pendlebury can also be planned ahead if you wish. Our funeral directors can work with the family and keep the costs down to the minimum statutory limits. You can make a note of what exactly you want and share it with your family-members. This makes it easier and more convenient. Contact us for more information. Let us assist in preparing a low cost, yet dignified funeral for your lost loved one.