Non-religious Funerals in Eccles

Non-religious Funerals in EcclesMore and more people opt for non-religious funerals in Eccles. It alleviates the pressure of keeping to certain rules and having to please everyone, since not everyone has the same religious beliefs. This is an even bigger advantage for those who don’t necessarily adhere to Christianity or those who do not wish to use religious settings in a funeral, no mater the background. Carriage Funeral Service understands this and our funeral directors are more than willing to help you organise a sendoff for your loved one that will centre on your needs and requirements. We understand how stressful losing someone can be and wouldn’t want to impose even more stress by forcing something on you that you don’t want.

We have experience in organising many types of funerals. In Eccles, non-religious funerals can be relaxed and focused on its main purpose. Without limiting the service to a church, you get to save on costs that can be incurred from securing a particular presiding minister, booking the church or chapel and even decorating the pews. You are at liberty to have the memorial service wherever you so wish, such as the deceased favourite park. You even get to centre it on a theme that portrays what the late person loved and as many people as possible can speak and share memories. The biggest advantage of non-religious funerals is they can be environmentally friendly. Instead of securing space for a grave, cremation services are preferred for this type of funeral. Friends, family and loved ones can gather together for support and sharing of the burden of grief and even have a laugh or two over some memories to make it a truly memorable send off for the deceased.

If you need help in organising non-religious funerals in Eccles, please do not hesitate to contact Carriage Funeral Service. Our services are affordable and our compassionate funeral directors will support you throughout the process. Let us assist you in preparing a respectful non-religious funeral for the deceased. We will be with you every step of the way.