Low Cost Funeral in Salford

Low Cost Funeral in SalfordA low cost funeral in Salford can give your loved one a practical and dignified farewell in these difficult times. For most people, the passing away of a dear one is a time of great grief and sadness. It’s hardly the moment to make financial decisions and arrangements. But unfortunately, it’s also the time when we’re most vulnerable and can rush into making hasty and unwise choices. If the deceased was elderly, not financially secure, or seriously ill, the family may have already incurred certain expenses. Many people express a wish to their dear ones at some point in their lives about the kind of funeral they wish to have. One of the common things that is expressed is about not wasting money unnecessarily on funerals. They would rather leave their money for the benefit of their loved ones. Today, the average cost of funerals in the UK has gone up by more than 84% in the last decade. Studies conducted by the University of Bath reveal that one in five families struggle to meet funeral-costs of their loved ones.

At Carriages Funeral Service, we fully understand how important a funeral is. In Salford, low cost funerals can be every bit as demonstrative of the love and affection you had for the deceased. Our experienced, professionally trained, licensed and understanding funeral directors can work with you to craft just the kind of event and ambiance you want. We provide a complete, written estimate detailing all the costs so that you can study the quote and our terms and conditions in detail. We welcome queries and discussions that will help you arrive at the right decision.

Low cost funerals in Salford and other types of funerals are generally charged under two different heads – funeral director’s charges and disbursements. Our funeral directors’ fees include professional fees, overhead costs and our 365-day, 24×7 on-call services. These charges include personal attendance and conveyance of the deceased, private chapel, hearse and limousine. Disbursements include third-party charges paid to the crematorium or cemetery and the doctor, minister and church fees. To find out more about low cost funerals, contact Carriages Funeral Service. Clients can also benefit from financial assistance from the DWP, if they’re eligible.