Funeral Costs in Leigh

Funeral Costs in LeighIf you’ve attended a funeral lately you probably overhead murmurings about high funeral costs in Leigh. Like everything else, the costs of funerals increase regularly. Likely the cost will exceed the life insurance policy you purchased twenty-five years ago. At Carriages Funeral Service, we want to offer dignified and life honouring funerals for families at affordable prices. We have worked out details so maybe families don’t have to spend the deceased’s whole estate on funeral costs. We offer minimal cost funerals with the same dedication and service as we spend on lavish funerals. Funeral planning while under the stress of grief causes some to overspend. At Carriages, we try to protect family members from going over budget.

Some initial expenses can’t be avoided especially the doctor and hospital costs when we collect the remains. In Leigh, funeral costs may also include fees for ministers, crematorium, cemetery, our services for arranging the funeral and completing the required documents. The D.W.P. may help with these expenses and we have that information. The add-on costs include flowers, casket, funeral cars, and services for days of visitation before the funeral, graveside services, musicians and luncheon costs. So a two-day wake, banks of flowers, harp player services for wake and funeral, funeral car procession and sit down luncheon for 100 people will be costly. Our dedicated and empathetic directors will assure dignity and caring support.

As an alternative to high funeral cost in Leigh, Carriages will arrange a simple but dignified wake the same day as the funeral, with recorded music, flowers and our comfortable chapel room for guests attending the funeral service. You may personalise the room with photos and memorabilia. Cremation will follow and you will be notified when ashes can be picked up. This would be a low cost option for which our directors will provide the same dignity and support as for the lavish funeral. Contact Carriages Funeral Service for more information about funeral costs and the options for controlling costs. We will work within your budget to arrange a funeral in good taste with dignity and sensitivity for family members.