Non-Religious Funerals in Salford

Non-Religious Funerals in SalfordThere are increasing numbers of people who choose to have non-religious funerals in Salford and surrounding areas. The tradition of our forebears struggles to find a place in our busy world today. Although religion and church going is still popular there is a trend towards simple non-religious funeral. There is a significant cost saving in having a non-religious funeral.  Church fees, ministers and graves are not needed as are flowers for the church and hymn sheets. A simple memorial service can be held in any hall or out in a favourite part of the countryside, in a park or home. A private cremation is usual in these circumstances.

Burials are being seen as environmentally unfriendly in many parts of the country. In Salford, non-religious funerals are making cremation increasingly popular. Many people feel the need for a Celebration of Life service rather than a church funeral. This allows friends and relatives to look back on the life of the loved one and reminisce about the happy times spent with the person. The most important part of a funeral is to say goodbye to a dearly loved person. When friends and relatives gather the grief is shared and happier times come to mind. It is often not a matter of money rather a choice of lifestyle that directs the choices of a funeral. Many people who are not church goers are happier with memorial service.

We arrange the most dignified non-religious funerals in Salford. Contact Carriages Funeral Service as soon as you need us and we will be at your side to help you through this difficult time. We understand that funerals are as individual as weddings and the only people who can decide what is right for them are the family of the deceased. Our funeral directors will listen to the requirements of the family and make suggestions to enable the funeral to run smoothly. They have many years of experience in all manner of funerals including enormous traditional Victorian funerals and simple yet elegant farewell services.