Funerals in Prestwich

Funerals in PrestwichFunerals in Prestwich can be an emotionally draining time. While dealing with the grief and sorrow of a loss of a family member, it can be difficult to plan and arrange a funeral. We can assist you in preparing an appropriate and respectful funeral for the deceased. Our funeral directors are compassionate and understanding, and can guide you through the process with dignity and patience. Give us a call and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our funeral directors.

For those coming to terms with a loss in Prestwich, funerals can assist in the grieving process. Planning a funeral for the deceased can help. We can guide you in making the choices that are best suited for the type of funeral and the budget allowed. We will also guide against emotional overspend, explaining that regardless of the amount spent on the funeral, we provide the same level of commitment to the family. We have the necessary experience in planning funerals that can meet any budgetary requirement.  If you are uncertain of what type of funeral is best, we can advise you on the services we provide. Perhaps the deceased was non-committal in regards to religious beliefs? We can assist with the planning of a non-religious funeral. We know how important a funeral is, not only for the grieving process, but as a chance for friends and family to bid their final farewell, and to remember a life lived.

Funerals in Prestwich can be as lavish or as simple as you wish. If you need assistance with planning a meaningful funeral, contact Carriages Funeral Service. We look after our families with genuine care and interest, and total commitment. Our funeral director will assist and guide you, every step of the way. Should you require flowers for the funeral, we can assist. We have a team of dedicated in-house florists who can create beautiful tributes and bespoke designs. Regardless of the type of funeral you wish to plan, we will ensure that the funeral is dignified and respectful. While we can assist with all aspects of the funeral planning, we cannot register the death as there are legal requirements governing this, and must be done by a family member.