Funeral Costs in Salford

Funeral Costs in SalfordA sudden death, a coroner’s inquest and funeral costs in Salford combine to overwhelm grieving family members. Suddenly, there are decisions to be made that you have never had to make before. People are asking questions for which you have no answers. You are expected to do something,yet you don’t know where to start. Carriages Funeral Service is familiar with what you are going through. Your experience is that of many others faced with a tragic death. Call us first. We will handle much of the expectations behind the scenes and guide you through the steps that must be taken. We will collect the remains when the coroner releases them to us. What we need from you is two or three hours of your time.

At our initial meeting, we will help you plan a funeral based on your preferences. For all our funeral services in Salford, funereal costs depends on your budget and the services you choose. We encourage you to stay within your budget and consider what your loved ones wishes might be. Our promise to you is every funeral, modest or lavish, is dignified and respectful. The total cost is the combination of our funeral directors services and the disbursements. The disbursements go to doctors, hospitals, church and minister’s fees, and crematorium or cemetery costs. If we arrange for flowers and special music that would be paid from disbursements.

Funeral costs in Salford include our care of the body, casket, use of our chapel, number of limos besides the funeral car. The traditional wake with visitation for two days with final visitation prior to the funeral service with a final graveside service will be in the upper range of costs. Many of our clients choose a simple but elegant one day celebration of life. A few hours of visitation before a choice of services in our chapel followed by a graveside service or cremation will be at the lower range of costs. When the need arises, contact Carriages. We answer 24/7 and step up immediately beginning with collection of the body. From the start you can count on our compassion, dedication to your family and dignified services within your budget.