Low Cost Funerals in Prestwich

Low Cost Funerals in PrestwichHave you felt shamed by funeral services because you ask about low cost funerals in Prestwich? It may be subtle but the message you hear is you care more about money than you respect the deceased. Or maybe you are made to feel that others will think your tribute less than life honouring unless you put on a lavish display, regardless of cost. Don’t get caught in that trap. Rise above it and know anyone who judges your devotion to the deceased by the lavishness of the funeral would find something to criticise; even if arrangements are carried out by the Royal Undertakers. It’s their problem, not yours; especially when we at Carriages Funeral Service offer low cost funerals that are tasteful and dignified.

When a loved one passes, there are suddenly expenses, besides the funeral costs, that are out of the ordinary. In Prestwich, low cost funerals relieve some of the burden by freeing up money lost to missed work, hospital bills, child care, food for out of town guests, clothing and myriad details. Losing a loved one is emotionally overwhelming for most and there are decisions to be made. We will be right beside you all the way. From retrieval of the remains, preparing and filing paperwork, planning and executing a funeral service and aftercare details. Our level of service is the same for all our clients, regardless of funeral costs. Only you know what sort of funeral service will bring you comfort and closure. We are here to follow your wishes.

All funerals, including low cost funerals in Prestwich, arranged by Carriages Funeral Services are elegant. You give us your budget and we will keep expenses within that limit. Contact us and we will explain your many options. It’s easy to go over budget when on your own because you may not ask the cost of a huge floral display or particular casket. Know too, there is no social obligation to conduct a wake for two days before the actual funeral. You can also limit the use of our funeral cars to the hearse instead of using the additional three limousines to transport the family to and from the cemetery. A one day wake and service combination, culminating in cremation, is becoming common and eliminates the use of cars, caskets, vaults and more. Low cost doesn’t have to mean cheap when you trust Carriages.