Low Cost Funerals in Walkden

Low Cost Funerals in WalkdenLow cost funerals in Walkden can be elegant and dignified. Just because you do not spend a lot of money on a relative’s funeral does not mean you loved them any less. Many people today want a simple funeral without all the usual traditional additions like flowers and expensive coffins. Many want a cremation with a simple memorial service. This is one of the most cost-efficient options. There is no church service and no flowers and a hall can be hired for the memorial ceremony. Many people are asking for us to arrange a celebration of life ceremony for the beloved family member as they would rather remember them in happier times.

A death in the family is traumatic and very stressful. In fact, death is the number one most stressful situation you will ever experience. In Walkden, low cost funerals can help ease the financial stress you will be under. We can offer you a funeral that will satisfy your need to say goodbye without costing a fortune. If you want a burial there are still ways we can meet your budget. Coffins that are veneered can look stunning and cost a fraction of a solid wooden coffin. You can request that no flowers are sent to the funeral and there do not need to be flowers in the church at all. If you have a simple church service the costs are minimal.

Low cost funerals in Walkden entail working to a budget. Contact Carriages Funeral Service as soon as you have need of us. We will arrange the funeral for you keeping your costs on budget. Our helpful staff will be at your side to advise you on the documentation that the family must complete before the funeral can take place. We do not charge for this help. Once the documentation is complete we can arrange the funeral. The deceased family member will already be in our funeral home and the funeral can take place a few days later.