Non-religious Funerals in Pendlebury

Non-religious Funerals in PendleburyNon-religious funerals in Pendlebury, religious, small and simple or large and lavish are choices you make at the loss of a loved one. Carriages Funeral Service has eight convenient locations to serve families during one of the most difficult and decision intensive times of their life. A grieving and exhausted family find it easier to organise a funeral like every other funeral they have heard of or attended. Individual creativity is numb and the goal is to just get through it with some measure of dignity. Make Carriages Funeral Service your first phone call and place yourself in our compassionate and capable hands. We understand your state of mind and the processes that must now take place.

There is an order to planning a funeral that is routine. Within the routine are many opportunities to personalise the proceedings that will comfort the family. Perhaps in Pendlebury, non-religious funerals would be the appropriate choice for your family. Our funeral directors will take the lead and walk you through a series of choices that will culminate in a life honouring funeral service. We are there to execute every step of the plan. Speakers may be friends or family members well known and loved by the deceased. Music from your loved one’s favourite playlist or live musicians are choices we can help you make. We do floral arrangements in house so we can help you choose designs that include your loved one’s favourite flowers.

Carriages Funeral Service will use your choices for non-religious funerals in Pendlebury to arrange a lovely good-bye service that will fit your budget. It is easy to get carried away with added costs. We encourage you to consider what your family member would have preferred and stay within the agreed upon budget. Regardless of cost, Carriages Funeral Service is going to arrange a tasteful service with all the compassion and assistance that we have built our reputation on. Contact Carriages Funeral Service and we will handle everything from there according to your wishes. This is a time for family and friends to gather in support of each other and let us manage the details.