Undertakers in Monton

Undertakers in MontonWhen you need the help of undertakers in Monton, speak to Carriages Funeral Services. We have eight branches in and around Salford and Rochdale. Telephones are manned seven days a week, 365 days a year. Once you have had a loved one pass away just contact us and we will take care of the arrangements for you. We will guide you through the documentation which needs to take place before the funeral arrangements can take place. Once the documents are in order we can start to plan the funeral. We will work with the family to set a budget to which we will closely adhere. Some people have a large budget and want a traditional funeral with a church service and a burial. There are flowers and hymn sheets to organise. Our funeral director will find out from the family what flowers are wanted and what hymns were best loved by the deceased.

We understand how devastated you feel when a loved one passes away. In Monton, undertakers are there to help you through this hard time. We are also able to offer a reasonably priced funeral that is simple but dignified. Just because you set a lower budget does not mean you get less of a funeral. There are many ways to economise on funerals and our funeral director will help you choose items that will keep you on budget. You can choose a burial or a cremation. We find that due to expense and convenience a cremation is a more popular choice. Once again though this is up to the family to decide which option is best for them. Everyone has their own idea of what they require for a funeral.

Undertakers in Monton will care for your loved one until the funeral and burial or cremation is over. Contact Carriages Funeral Service if you need the services of undertakers. We can also arrange an elegant memorial stone or a beautiful head stone for the grave if you wish.