Low Cost Funerals in Pendlebury

Low Cost Funerals in PendleburyLow cost funerals in Pendlebury can be simple and tasteful. This is all you need for a heartfelt farewell to a beloved relative. The most important part of funeral is the remembrance of a close and loved person. You can have a small chapel ceremony and a private cremation which is a quiet and dignified affair. The first thing to do on hearing of the death is to contact us. We are available at any hour day or night, any day of the week. A caring funeral director will immediately collect your loved one and convey him to the funeral home. Once you have registered the death, with our help or advice, we can start to arrange the funeral. We can place an obituary in the local newspaper on your behalf.

If you need to inter a much loved family member in Pendlebury, low cost funerals can be adjusted to suit any budget. We will discuss the time and place for the funeral with you so that you can notify close family who may not live in the area. If there are family members who need to travel, the funeral can be delayed for a few days. Once we have finalised the date we can then arrange our chapel or a church you may want to use. If you have a favourite minister we can arrange with them to hold the service, if not we have a minister who will conduct the service. If you are having the service in a church you may want flowers that can be arranged on your behalf, but it is not absolutely necessary. Many people these days request that no flowers are sent to the funeral.

Low cost funerals in Pendlebury are easily arranged on a budget. Contact Carriages Funeral Service to find out more on planning a low cost funeral. Our staff are helpful and sympathetic and will be there for you the whole time. This is a very stressful time and we understand the strain and grief you are going through.