Undertakers in Leigh

Undertakers in LeighUndertakers in Leigh are a necessary part of life and can help you through tragic and distressing times. The main aim of an undertaker is to help the family deal with the burial or cremation of a much loved friend or family member. Our staff are extremely sympathetic and caring and will support you and your family through this truly traumatic time. When you need our services you can call us any hour of the day or night. Our staff will collect the deceased from the home or hospital and bring them to our funeral parlour. We will have a discussion with the family to ascertain the wishes and needs of everyone. Once you have decided on the type of funeral you want, we will start the arrangements. The only thing that the family has to do is to register the death. Our staff will help and advise you all the way.

When you have had a death in the family in Leigh, undertakers are there to support and help you. There are a number of options when it comes to burials and funeral services. You or your loved one may have a favourite church or chapel that they wish the service to take place in. Some people do not wish to have a religious service and may decide to have a remembrance celebration in a non-religious venue. This is your choice to make as everyone’s needs are unique when it comes to a funeral. The bereaved need to feel comfortable with the funeral and to feel they have provided the sort of funeral that will allow them to remember their loved one in the best possible way.

Undertakers in Leigh will be at your side the whole way through the funeral. Contact Carriages Funeral Service and speak to the undertakers for the most empathic and professional funeral arrangements. We understand what you are going through and only want to help you get through the grieving process with as little stress as possible.