Low Cost Funerals in Eccles

Low Cost Funerals in EcclesLow cost funerals in Eccles are a suitable option when you have to arrange a funeral for a beloved family member. Just because you do not spend a fortune on the funeral does not mean it is any less moving or memorable. We will still do all the basic arrangements for you. We will collect the deceased and carefully convey them to the funeral home. We will help you organise all the paperwork that you have to do and sort out all the other necessary documents. You can have a burial or a cremation, although a cremation does cost less. The expenses normally come in with the cost of the supplementary items. You can have a coffin that is very expensive or you can have a coffin that looks very similar but is veneered. The difference can be thousands and they look almost identical.

When you have to plan on a tight budget in Eccles, low cost funeral can be simple and respectful. You do not have to have the service in a church. We offer the use of our chapel which will be much more affordable. You do not have to have flowers in the chapel nor do you have to have hymn sheets printed. An affordable funeral is a matter of choosing the right items on a budget. We understand that not everyone will want a huge and lavish funeral. Many people want a more private way to say farewell to their loved one. We can arrange whatever type of funeral you feel comfortable with. Once we know what sort of budget you are working with, our experienced staff will help you tailor-make a funeral that will give comfort to you and your family.

Low cost funerals in Eccles are often a matter of choice and not necessity. Contact Carriages Funeral Service for advice on low cost funerals. We will ensure that you have the funeral that suits you and your family whether on a very tight budget or not.