Funeral Costs in Prestwich

Funeral Costs in PrestwichIf you are concerned about funeral costs in Prestwich, speak to Carriages Funeral Service. We understand that planning a funeral for a recently lost loved one is a daunting and oftentimes overwhelming experience. The thought of having to spend a substantial amount of money on a funeral can add to the pain of an already stressful situation. We believe that a funeral can be respectful and heartfelt, regardless of whether it is a lavish or humble burial.

When planning a service in Prestwich, funeral costs will include the funeral account. This is divided into two separate parts. The disbursements are the costs that will need to be paid to a third party on your behalf. This would include the fees for the cemetery or crematorium, the doctor’s, minister’s and church fees. These are typically due and paid before the funeral. The other cost will be the funeral director’s charges. This will include our professional fees and overhead costs. We will assist you by helping plan the funeral arrangements and arranging all necessary documentation.

If you are concerned about funeral costs in Prestwich, we can assist you. Our dedication to you and your family during this sad time remains the same, regardless of whether you are managing on a low budget or wish to arrange a lavish display. For assistance with low cost funerals, contact Carriages Funeral Service. We will assist in arranging a dignified and respectful funeral for your family member, while keeping the costs affordable. We will also advise against emotional overspend, gently reminding you that our commitment to providing support and assistance to you and your family remains constant, no matter the level of spend. Our funeral directors are on call 24 hours a day. We will help you plan and prepare for an appropriate and dignified funeral for the deceased. We will assist you, every step of the way.