Bespoke Funerals in Walkden

Bespoke Funerals in WalkdenBespoke funerals in Walkden are your way of showing how much your loved one will be missed. Everyone has a different idea of what is needed at a funeral. Our empathetic and experienced staff can help you to plan the type of funeral you feel your family member deserves. Once you contact us we will collect the newly departed person and convey them to the funeral home where they will stay while the funeral is being organised. Our caring staff will help you with the legal documentation that the family has to complete. Once the documentation is complete the funeral arrangements can begin. The family will know what church they want to use and where the loved one should be buried. When the basic details have been agreed on we can assist in organising the rest of the funeral.

When you require the services of a funeral director in Walkden, bespoke funerals are often considered by the family. The church can be filled with the family member’s favourite flowers and wreaths for the coffin will be arranged. Hymn sheets and order of service can be printed. Some people have a photograph of the deceased on the front page. The conveyance to the church can be in a modern hearse or you could use the traditional horse and carriage. These are very personal choices which only someone close to the deceased will be able to make. There is a limousine available for the family. Notices of the death and the date and time of the funeral can be placed in the newspaper. This will allow friends to attend the funeral to pay their last respects.

Bespoke funerals in Walkden are an important part of the grieving process. As you did your best for your loved one in life so you want to show the same love and respect in death. Contact Carriages Funeral Service for assistance in planning a bespoke funeral service. You will be assured of the utmost care and compassion and the most dignified and respectful funeral that one can imagine.