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Funeral Service


There are times when there is no substitute for the personal touch.

At Carriages, we look after our families with genuine interest and total commitment. The funeral is a means by which family and friends can say goodbye, expressing love honour and respect. Your Carriages Funeral Director will help and inform you every step of the way.

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Arranging a Funeral

The funeral can be beautifully modest or an extravagant display of status and wealth, what connects everyone at this time is an acknowledgement that normality never returns after death and bereaved people have to move on to a new state of reality, in which they have to learn to live without those they have loved and lost.

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Into Carriages Care

All the family can rest assured that our care and concern starts as soon as you have called us. We will do everything in our power to accellerate this most important stage.
There are various necessary procedures to be completed and Carriages handle every single aspect with total competance.

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What will it cost?

Carriages commitment to your family is exactly the same whether you are managing on a low budget or wish to arrange a lavish display. Whatever is right for your family will be arranged with such dignity and class that you will realize that you are dealing with people who really care. Carriages have a minimum cost option.

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Mrs. J Jones

My daughters and myself were treated in a very caring way, with compassion and a quiet strenght. Everything was handled with calmness and assurance that made us

Pauline Harris

Have used Carriages before and found the services extremly professional, courteaus and sympathetic. Would use them again and recommend to others.

Liz Rawford

There are not enough words for me to fit in the amount of praise Carriages deserve. I have never arranged a funeral before and they eased through this unknown experience.